About us

Since a young age, fashion has been my main interest. Magazines, shopping with people, picking out everyones clothes, pairing different things together, and judging every outfit I see like it's my full time job. When I found out I could actually get a college degree in this my life changed. I graduated after 4 years of school with a degree in Fashion Merchandising.

I learned so many amazing things in that time, and even landed my 2 dream jobs... buying for a company and being a personal stylist. What stuck out to me the most was this: Shopping retail does more damage than it does good. When you shop at a large retail store you contribute directly to cheap labor and sweat shops, a blow to your bank account, and unreliable clothes that will quickly go out of style. 

I didn't take long for me to go back to what my Mom taught me. SHOP SECOND HAND. As I have made this a part of my everyday life, I couldn't understand why hardly anyone else was doing it. People either love or hate it, and I realized the people that hate it just didn't know how to do it right. Or they have an aversion to buying something someone might have died in... But that's all part of the fun right?

Together, My Husband and I have created a place for people who love thrift shopping, to come and find more. We created a place for people who hate it, to have a new found love for it. Recycling clothing is something extremely important to us, and we hope you feel the same too!