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About Us

Moby Thrift is a Husband and Wife Thrift store located in Salt Lake City, UT. Lucy graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, while in school she created the concept for Moby Thrift while learning about the negative impact fast fashion had on our planet. However, it was just an idea. With the help of Drew, they made it come to life.

Our main goal is to educate others about the harms of fast fashion, while being able to provide an easy, fashionable, and affordable way to do your part.  Fast Fashion is one of the earths biggest polluters and by simply shopping second hand, you don't have to contribute to any of that. 

We hope you find something you love on our site. We want to help you feel like your best and most confident self. And if you read this and don't find something you love, check again. :)

Lucy and Drew